Success Stories and Testimonials

We are enlightened to present before you the testimonials/acknowledgements from some of our esteemed and satisfied clients.

Ex Union Minister, Govt of India

Shri. P. C. Thomas

"I am proud to say that, my country’s young talent contributed quite a lot to this IT industry in the global arena. Same way, money exchange business will be more professional and it will be more beneficial by the launch of this advanced IT solution. I am sure the great guidance and the thoughtful leadership of Ms. Grace and Her Late husband Mr. John J. Cherian has brought all of these young talents together to discover the advanced security money exchange software."

Shri. P. C. Thomas, Ex Union Minister of Law and Justice

Habib Exchange LLC, Abu dhabi

Mr.Muhammad Amin Bhawa

"I have established a strong relationship with Mighty Systems for almost 10 years and it’s really nice to be part of this new software launch. I am sure this product will bring new security measures in the money exchange business and I have already signed my contract and we are going for this product. My best wishes to the energetic team and Ms. Grace for the success."

Mr. Muhammad Amin Bawa, Managing Director

Nonoo Exchange WLL, Bahrain

Mr.Fuad Nonoo

"I am a firm believer of new products and technology, and indeed fulfilled our expectations for the next 5 to 10 years. I am sure Mighty Systems will make it even bigger by launching this product into the market. Best wishes to all of the staff who was part of this advanced technology."

Mr. Fuad Nonoo, Owner

Al Muzaini Exchange Company, Kuwait

Mr.Ali Fajhan

"I am delighted to be part of this innovative software launch. I am sure this product will provide us a platform to move forward in our businesses. I encourage all belonging to this industry to look at the project and evaluate it to move forward. We really need to keep moving on with the latest technology to equip our business and make it more robust and secure. will be one such product to deploy and build our businesses to become more efficient and stronger."

Mr. Ali Fajhan, General Manager

Orient Exchange, Dubai

Mr.Rajiv Raipancholia

"For many foreign exchange or money transfer company to be successful, a good software system is very important to take the organization to the next level. Mighty System’s stands ahead above other technologies available in the market because of their personalized design and their tailor made solutions. ‘Mighty systems’ is a company that sees each days as an opportunity to grow stronger, more capable and fruitful for the life with limitless possibilities."

Mr. Rajiv Raipancholia, Director

City Exchange, Dubai

Ms. Saliamma Skaria

"On the behalf of the City Exchange we would like to convey our heartfelt wishes to the team at Mighty Systems. ‘Mighty Systems’ has become the market leader by their dedication, hard work and achievements in the field of information technology. Today they achieved one more milestone for their brand."

Ms. Saliamma Skaria, General Manager

Al Bader Exchange, Abu dhabi

Mr. Abdus Salam

"Very pleased to be part of Mighty Systems and proud to be the first customer of Symex software. It’s a proud moment for Mighty Systems and I wish all the very best for this new innovative and customized software.

Mr. Abdus Salam, General Manager