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SYMEX - Systematic Money Exchange Solution

SYMEX “SYMEX”, Systematic Money Exchange Solution, from Mighty Systems is the largest and most popular Enterprise Software among the Money Exchange Companies in Gulf, Far East and West. “SYMEX” today is a software solutions accepted everywhere by Money Exchange business as it meets total requirements of the numerous complex operations of the trade.

Money Exchange operations and Accounting procedures are distinctly diverse and call for stringent management controls and thorough scrutiny by government agencies. Unlike other business, periodic reporting to Central Bank is mandatory. It is of utmost importance that accuracy of transactions and maximum security is maintained through the “SYMEX” Software. As such, many solution providers found it difficult to provide a fully satisfactory solution. It is to the credit of Mighty Systems to have succeeded in this challenging field by coming up with “SYMEX”, which completely automated the entire operations of Money Exchanges. Several powerful and differentiating features make “SYMEX” one of the most comprehensive, flexible and scalable solution in its class.

“SYMEX” stands strong with its security oriented facilities and addresses most of the business needs and complex issues Money Exchanges facing with easy and integrity, thus making the management easy.

Symex - Product Overview

Success Behind Symex

SYMEX was developed by professionals with wide experience in the Money Exchange business. Money Exchanges have discovered that SYMEX from Mighty Systems provide them with a 'powerful' tool for the effective state-of-art operation of their business. Various reports can be generated in minutes at teller level to management level at any given point. Central Bank reporting, so far a nightmare for many, made easy at the click of button. Instant Trial Balance and Profit & Loss accounts are available. SYMEX is easy to use, and hence with minimum training, users at all level would learn to maneuver through the program. It incorporates on line help facility as well. As business today increasingly depends on Information Technology, we are sure, as a successful businessman you will go for a system that keeps abreast with the advancements in the marketplace. We offer SYMEX as a cost-effective option for your long-term investment.

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